Utah Mortgage Loans

With the tightening of mortgage guidelines our Utah Mortgage Loans have become much more homogenized and standard. Approximately 50% of the loans we close conform to conventional lending guidelines. Approximately 39% of the loans we close are FHA loans. 1% are VA loans, and the remaining 10% are jumbo loans that are over the Conventional loan limit of $417,000.

Certain counties in Utah have a very high FHA loan limit of $729,650. Salt Lake, Tooele, and Summit counties all enjoy this higher limit and it has helped us assist more Utah homeowners save a lot of money on interest. You can check the FHA limit in your county by clicking here. These limits are set to expire in December of 2011 but they have been extended in the past, and we will have to see what FHA determines the new limits to be.  

The easiest thing to do if you have any question about what type of loan is right for you is to contact  Ryan Frost at 801.676.4400, or use one of the online tools like the purchase assistant, refinance advisor, or Ask an Expert tab.